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“Nxt has been designed from scratch to serve as a platform for more than simple money transfer transactions. The relative ease with which new features have been added regularly every few months during the last three years proves the well-designed and flexible architecture of Nxt.”

~ Jean-Luc, core developer - Nxt, Ardor


In 2013 a blockchain was launched

A java based PoS blockchain platform with built in decentralized features


The community too was decentralized

and the creator of the codebase, BCNext, told the community to take over control of the idea, the code, and the ecosystem. Then, he left.

Table of Contents

by apenzl

by abctc, apenzl

The Genesis:
The Miss America of alternate cryptocurrencies

by Daniel M. Ryan

Nxt: Its history and potential
by Lionel ‘Ludom’ Jeannerat

Initializing NRS
by apenzl, Zahlen

by apenzl

Nxt Foundation:
How to market a decentralised open source organisation
by Dave ‘EvilDave’ Pearce

The Original Spirit
by Bas ‘Damelon’ Wisselink

by apenzl, Cassius

Arbitrary Messages
by apenzl, Cassius

The Asset Exchange
by apenzl, Cassius, Zahlen

Nxt Crowdfunding
by RubénBC

A Fully Decentralised Marketplace
by apenzl, Cassius

Nxt - a revolutionary tool for businesses
by Roberto ‘Capodieci’ Capodieci

Nxt Monetary System
by apenzl, Cassius

The Regulatory Process:
If you‘re not at the table, you‘re on the menu
by Robert Bold, Kushti, Jean-Luc and Riker

Shuffling Your Way to Privacy
by apenzl

by apenzl

Phasing transactions
by apenzl

The Fork
by apenzl

Nxt 2.0; Ardor
by apenzl, Jean-Luc

Nxt Plugins
by apenzl

Fiat is failing. Let ‘battle’ commence?
by Robert Bold

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Book description

SNAPSHOT - Nxt, unsurpassable blockchain solutions
- a collection of articles, which, after a short introduction to the concept of blockchain technology, looks deep into Nxt.

The History
From its rather tumultuous launch in late November 2013, the pros and cons of its distribution model and the anonymous inventor, BCNext, who handed over the source code to the community and gave them the responsibility to enhance the tech and ecosystem, this book takes the reader on a journey through ups and downs, features, use cases, business projects and bank/government adoption of the tech.

In 228 pages the book tells the story of how a group of mostly anonymous people, investors, cryptographers, economists, and not least software developers, as well as businesses, set out to change the world. Nxt has been leading the way in the forefront of PoS blockchain technology for more than 3 years now, and its core team has been rapidly launching new built-in functionalities and stable core features, which anyone can use as they are, or use them to build new and even more advanced features available to users. Aspiring sociologist, blockchain enthusiast and expert developers will get an insight into how global decentralised communities (can) work 24/7, as well as discover the incredible potential of the well tested Nxt templated smart transactions known as "smart contracts", core features, and many existing use cases of the Nxt platform.

The "Descendant of Bitcoin"?

Nxt offers disruptive features such as a decentralized global p2p Marketplace, an Asset Exchange, encrypted and public messaging system, secure data cloud, a p2p “shuffling” system (for privacy), as well as a Voting mechanism and a Monetary System with which you can launch your own cryptocurrency, just to mention a few. All these are available through The Nxt Client and and an extensive API, which makes it possible to couple and build with these features like Lego bricks. Still, despite all these ground breaking features, the biggest technical invention of Nxt is its unique protocol, which is based on the concept of “Transparent Forging”. In an answer to some critical claims published in an ESMA-report, unique insight is given into why the Nxt PoS system could be the future of energy efficient blockchain security, in contrast to the outdated PoW protocol of Bitcoin, which is, by design, environmentally disastrous and also enforces centralisation.

Announcing Ardor
- a scalable Blockchain-as-a-Service child chain platform which is currently being developed by the Nxt Core Development Team

The book ends with the announcement of a new release, Nxt 2.0 - now known as the Ardor Platform - in Q3, 2017.

Ardor will offer the same transaction types as Nxt and has an almost 100% identical API, but child chains, essentially Nxt ledgers, can be spawned from it by individuals and businesses. All Ardor child chains will have their own independent token (currency code) but will be secured from birth by the Ardor main PoS network,. Child chains are connected to eachother within an atomic crosschain transaction framework. The design is globally scalable and even more smart transaction types and useful features will soon be added.

If you have the slightest interest in the safe handling of data, decentralized applications free from censorship and hacking, secure storage, time stamping and the transaction of money, stocks, personal records, files,votes, you name it, then we recommend you to read this book.

Listen to the first chapter "The Genesis: The Miss America of alternate cryptocurrencies"

Who should read this?


Get involved. Just think about taking matters into your own hands for a second. Your money, your assets, your kids' future. Everything gets digitalised. Own your data.


There will be millions of blockchains.
Nxt is a Blockchain 2.0 platform, and getting around the first couple of days can be tricky. You should start learning about it right away.


Who wants 1000% ROI? Early adaptors got it, read how they invest in ICO's on the Nxt Asset Exchange. Get insight into a possibly rewarding but also risky crypto trading environment.


What's your plan? Even if you don't desire getting a job in the industry, you will learn about efficient means of fundraising, decentralized leadership - and the starfish!


Ardor lets you spawn your own ledger with the technology of Nxt. Nxt is already in use as the backbone of private and public blockchain businesses.


Build a powerful and long-lasting rocket ship using ingredients from the Nxt codebase. The Ardor Platform is built with Nxt. This book prepares you for the future. 

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“Nxt is the most amazing decentralised tool that knows no borders, no central authorities, no risks of fraud. With its API and hundreds of endpoint calls, Nxt is an easy tool to integrate with other software solutions, thus being the perfect solution for each business need”.

~ Roberto Capodieci, blockchain expert, CEO - DeBuNe.org

“The technology that will have the greatest impact for our society is here. It is called ‘Blockchain.’ Nxt is one of the most advanced forms of blockchain technology that uses proof-of-stake to achieve distributed consensus”

~ Joseph Toh, CEO – Digital Billions

We tested multiple platforms before deciding Nxt (and future Ardor) was perfect for our needs. The primary goal was functional ease of use for token holders, I'll be blunt when we first opened and explored the Nxt client our minds were blown away at the plethora of features.

~ bjorn, the Janus Project


SNAPSHOT - Nxt, unsurpassable blockchain solutions
An introduction to the Nxt blockchain ecosystem - the history, technology, community and visions

E-book package


228 pages, released in January 2017.

The first 100% Proof-of-Stake blockchain
that launched the first coin creation service,
decentralized exchange, business backend,
and inspired projects like Waves, NEM, IOTA,
Ardor, and more.

Learn how Blockchain 2.0 started
and why the Nxt codebase still rocks on.

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