Ardor v2.0.0e

Ardor v2.0.0e THIS IS AN OLD RELEASE. FOR THE LATEST NRS VERSION CHECK HERE Get it Not available yet Get it Digital signature: “Stichting NXT” .sh Sha256: 32ed1df94300275cf8aac9966a3f26bc6cf607c646fda54f7966953cab9aa882  ardor-client-2.0.0e.sh Release 2.0.0e: https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/ardor/downloads/ardor-client-2.0.0e.zip 2.0.0e .zip sha256:b814ec631d37e2afc1319a458525d1cfd61c583f61f1d77d8312bc7249131711  ardor-client-2.0.0e.zip Ardor testnet is here Ardor 2.0.0e is the first public release of the Ardor testnet. Read more about the launch in …

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Nxt announces: ‘ARDOR’

ARDOR is brought to you by the core development team from Nxt. After years of building and testing the Nxt platform, the team is going to involve the public even more. As the first Blockchain 2.0 platform, the community has continually improved Nxt and now looks forward to release Ardor for companies, organizations, and of …

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