Broadcast transactions


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How to make transactions from cold storage (offline) accounts

1. Log in to a public node (like ardor.nxter.org) with your account address and initiate a transaction
2. Click ‘Advanced’ → ‘Do Not Broadcast’ → ‘Do Not Sign’ → ‘SUBMIT’
3. Copy the ‘Unsigned Transaction Bytes’ into a text document, save on USB
4. Open SIGBRO OFFLINE on an offline device, insert the USB key
5. Enter your passphrase into the form field
6. Paste the Unsigned Transaction Bytes from USB into the form field
7. Click ‘CHECK’. You will now see your transaction details – verify them!
8. Once verified → Click ’SIGN’
9. Save your signed transaction bytes on the USB key
10. On your ONLINE device, insert USB and copy the `Signed Transaction Bytes’
11. Paste them into the form field above and click ‘BROADCAST’
12. You’re done.

You can also broadcast the signed transaction bytes from a private or public Ardor node.

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